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“Much remains to be done”: Boris Johnson’s government response to Brussels’ offer to save Brexit

The Brexit agreement was signed in October 2019. The United Kingdom left the EU on January 31, 2020. The future relationship trade agreement was signed on December 24, 2020. And this October 14, 2021, the United Kingdom responds that “there is much to do” to the offer from Brussels to save Brexit and avoid a trade war after the ordeal of Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson considers the Brexit agreement he signed for dead

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The British Government has been unilaterally extending the moratoriums since February in order not to comply with the Northern Ireland protocol, which allows an invisible border between the two Irish under the Good Friday Agreement. But that means customs checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. And the British Government, which requested that agreement, now does not like it, and threatens not to comply with it, in addition to raising a demand that is impossible for the European Union to fulfill: that the protection of the EU Court of Justice over Northern Ireland disappears.

And why can’t the EU accept that, which is already signed in 2019 and has not come out as a British claim until this summer? Because if Northern Ireland is in the European single market, which is governed by European law, it cannot leave the EU Court of Justice for disputes that have to do with these matters.

Thus, the European Union presented this Wednesday a counter offer to the British ordain, which considered the Brexit agreement dead. And the counter offer consists of a considerable relaxation of customs controls, which must go hand in hand with greater controls and labeling prior to customs.

And what has the government of Boris Johnson responded to? That is not enough.

“We appreciate the considerable effort made by the vice president [de la Comisión Europea Maros] Sefcovic and his team to address the issues that have arisen in the Protocol [de Irlanda del Norte]”Downing Street sources explain:” We are looking at the proposals in a positive and constructive way. Our officials are working closely with their EU counterparts to understand the details. ”

He adds: “However, it is clear that there is still a substantial gap between our two positions. Consequently, much work remains to be done. Both we and the EU have proposals on the table. We need to discuss them intensively in the coming days to see if gaps can be bridged and a solution can be found that offers the significant change needed. [David] Frost [ministro británico para el Brexit] will meet tomorrow [por el viernes] with Vice President Sefcovic in Brussels to start this process. ”

Indeed, Frost and Sefcovic will have lunch in Brussels and, from there, the technical work will take place to seek the rapprochement between the two positions that, today and as the British recognize, are separated by “a substantial gap”.

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