Friday, October 7

Multibank and El Buen Tenedor present awards to national producers

In the company of clients, entrepreneurs and friends, Multibank recognized the work of the national agricultural production by granting the El Buen Tenedor recognition two exemplary women; with the aim of highlighting those who, with effort, promote sustainable production.

“For more than 30 years, Multibank has been characterized by putting our knowledge, advice and financial services at the service of producers. Today more than ever we are convinced that ehe support from private companies to the agricultural sector is essential to promote producers and entrepreneurs; that undoubtedly strengthen the economic reactivation of the country. ”, stated Gerardo Ulloa, Country Manager of Multibank during the recognition night that took place in Boquete.

In this 7th edition, Multibank recognized the efforts of the farmer and founder of La Granjerita, Lourdes Guerra de El Salto, district of Boquete, Chiriquí; dedicated to entrepreneurship through the sowing and harvesting of farm products for more than 8 years. Its approach is to empower indigenous women, not only through job development but also by strengthening their capacities and contributions within the community.

Similarly, El Buen Tenedor was awarded to Miguelita González, president of the Palo Seco Agricultural Fisheries and Ecotourism Association, Santiago de Veraguas; who represents women who with their creativity added value, producing original fish croquettes and burgers; thus living from sustainable fishing during the last 6 years, and promoting the development of his community. The association currently has 20 women and 25 men, this being a very important pillar of the local economy and employment.

“With the support of Multibank and through El Buen Tenedor We will continue to promote and recognize these initiatives that seek to protect identity, culture and creativity of local industries and above all to honor and praise the work from the beginning, with the producer, since without producers there is no gastronomy ”, said Jorge Chanis, Panamanian gastronomer and producer of El Buen Tenedor.

With these recognitions, Multibank and El Buen Tenedor seek to promote sustainable food production and the value of local consumption. We promote the Panamanian gastronomic culture; recognizing and supporting local producers; always keeping in mind that #SinProductoresNoHayGastronomy and that we want to be part of the place where they harvest their dreams.