Saturday, December 4

Multitudinous concentrations after the first sexist murder of the year in Galicia: “Until there is no less partner left”

Dozens of concentrations called throughout Galicia have gathered crowds of people late on Saturday afternoon to protest against sexist violence, after the murder of a 52-year-old woman in A Coruña. In this city, hundreds of people gathered at the Obelisk to condemn the crime of Mónica Marcos, the first so far this year in Galicia. Between shouts of “If they touch one of us, they touch us all” or “Before loving us, learn to respect each other”, the organizers assured that they will continue “standing until there is no less companion.”

The Police detain the partner of the woman murdered in A Coruña in Madrid

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The woman’s body was found by one of her children in the early hours of Thursday and had several stab wounds. His partner, a 48-year-old man, had traveled hours earlier by plane to Madrid, where he was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the murder. It is pending to go to court in A Coruña.

The rallies were called by feminist associations in dozens of towns, almost 80, according to the organizers. The World March of Mulleres issued a manifesto in which it demands that sexist violence be addressed from an early age at school, that gender oppressions and privileges be discussed and that an “affective and sexodiverse” education be given.

At the rally this Saturday in A Coruña, some of the organizers demanded “the necessary efforts from the administrations and all of society to end the sexist scourge and all violence against women.” “Less speeches and more resources,” they chanted.

They recalled that only so far this year there are 35 confirmed murders of women committed by their partners or ex-partners and they put the focus on minors. The deaths are “the extreme horror” of a social system that “generates violence”, but for every murder, “there are many other women who live with harassment, abuse and fear.”