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Murcia will have a feminist mural: “When they wanted to remove the one from Ciudad Lineal we got down to work”

The Region of Murcia is in its premiere. For the first time, a group of women has set out to paint one of its walls purple. Given the curiosity of pedestrians, in the heart of the Murcian municipality of Archena, the first feminist mural in the autonomous community is being finalized.

“People come from all over the world: from Cartagena, from Murcia capital. More than a hundred people will have come to collaborate,” says Noelia Muriana, the multidisciplinary artist who designed the mural. The work began in early September and should open in “a week or two.”

With purple brush strokes, the mural receives its final touches. Fifteen women – five international, five national, five Murcian – are represented. “This initiative arose when we saw that the Ciudad Lineal mural, which is similar, with the same phrase; they were going to remove it,” explains Desiré Ayala, spokesperson for the Otra Mirada Forum, while outlining the hair of the Murcian Carmen Conde, first woman to enter the Royal Academy of the Language.

“In our town, feminism is very complicated. In the San Silvestre race, they gave the boy who won a drink and the girl a flowerpot, a poinsettia,” explains Ayala. Muriana confesses that it was another event that took place in Archena that motivated her to direct the mural: “Three years ago a businessman celebrated here the day of the Iberian male. When I saw it on the networks, I did not understand how it had been allowed to celebrate that day. The businessman commented that he was tired of women’s day, gays’ day, that he wanted to do the Iberian male day. So when they proposed to do the wall I considered it a wink to return that idiocy of celebration “.

Frida Kahlo, Piedad de la Cierva, Hypatia of Alexandria. The fifteen famous faces, but ignored by history, stare at those anonymous women who give them the last shots: “Right-wing women have come to paint on the wall. The good thing about the mural is that, which has united us to all of them. A couple with their children stopped and they asked who were the women we were painting. An old woman also came with her granddaughter. The granddaughter asked her to listen well to what we were saying. The girl likes Gloria Fuertes a lot and I wanted to see the other women, “recalls Ayala.

“I think it is very important that these women are known and given a voice in this way. They have opened the way for us on many levels. It seems to me a unique social experience. The people who come in the afternoons to help us get hooked, they connect a lot. “explains one of the volunteers.

On the wall, in front of so many famous women, there is one who stands out above the others: “The Archenera woman represents all working women. Here in Archena there was a lot of canning factory, and they have worked without a contract, without insurance, running to return to go home and do food and take care of the children. She yells, ‘Abilities do not depend on gender’, in front of so many women with their own names “.

To ensure that the greatest number of people can “connect with the wall”, the Forum wants it not only to be seen, but also heard: “NaviLens has created color codes with all the information on the wall. It can be heard in an audio guide. for the blind. We are going to include videos of women in sign language. ”

From the Feminist Forum they assure that the mural is a project that will be “in constant expansion”: “We want all of them to be represented, we want Roma women. We want each March 8 to include one or two more women. The opposite wall They have offered it to us to continue painting “, the Forum spokesperson abounds.

“There is an association of theater women in La Algaida -a district of Archena- and they have proposed me to do a theater performance for 8M about the women who appear in the play. The wall is something that will be enjoyed over time” , promises Ayala.

Despite the acceptance of the mural in the municipality, its creators have covered it with an anti-paint varnish to prevent it from being vandalized like other feminist works: “It’s sad but we know what can happen. You only need an intolerant person,” reflects Ayala.

Noelia Murciana: transgressor, feminist and LGTBI

The artist Noelia Muriana faces this mural with 20 years of experience behind her: “You have to paint some women forgotten by History, by this macho and patriarchal system. It empowers girls, as a high school teacher I see that they still have very macho roles, “assures Muriana.”

Earlier this year, the artist left the Murcia Se Ilustra festival with a colleague after being required to retouch the illustration presented for the project, which featured two women on the hood of a car, with the Cristo de Monteagudo from background: “They asked me for something similar to my series Bodies chosen -which makes visible people with non-normative bodies, sometimes in an erotic attitude- but that had a landscape or something typical Murcia next to the Alhambra beer. There were all the elements, but the The curator did not want to get wet. They said they wanted to do a festival for women, but they told me what to do. I refused to change anything, “explains the artist.

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