Monday, May 29

Musk delivers in Germany the first Tesla manufactured in Europe | Digital Trends Spanish

With a batch of 30 units, Tesla began the delivery of the first units manufactured in its Gigafactory in Berlin. It was the CEO of the American firm, Elon Musk, who presided over the ceremony at the Gruenheide plant, located southeast of the German capital.

The executive assured that the company’s operations in Europe represent “another step in the direction of a sustainable future.” In his words, “this is a great day for the plant,” which required an investment of five billion (5.5 billion) dollars and will employ 12,000 people.

Buyers received from Musk the electric Tesla Model Y Performance, which has a value of 63,990 euros (just over $70,000 dollars) and boasts an independence of 320 miles (514 km). Deliveries could only be resumed in April, reported Reuters.

The CEO of Tesla stressed that “the location of production on a continent makes a big difference in terms of capital efficiency.” Until now, the manufacturer was responding to European demand with units manufactured in Shanghai, China.

The Berlin Gigafactory was due to operate in the second quarter of 2021, but the delay in environmental authorizations postponed its inauguration. The plant is estimated to deliver half a million electric vehicles each year, once it operates at full capacity in 2025.

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