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Musk Sells $ 5 Billion In Tesla Stock | Digital Trends Spanish

According to a new filing with the United States Securities Commission, Elon Musk sold about $ 5 billion worth of Tesla stock.

A few days ago, the mogul launched a poll on Twitter asking if he should sell 10 percent of his Tesla shares to pay taxes.

“There’s been a lot of talk lately that unrealized gains are a way to evade taxes, so I’m proposing to sell 10 percent of my Tesla stock. I will abide by the results of this survey, whatever the result, “he wrote on the social network.

The survey added about 3.5 million responses, of which 57.9 percent said they were disposed of the shares. Ultimately, Musk sold 3 percent of his shares and not the 10 percent as he had announced.

An article from the BBC notes that about a fifth of the total shares Musk sold were already scheduled to be sold before he conducted the survey on Twitter.

“His trust sold more than 3.5 million shares worth more than $ 3.88 billion in a flurry of deals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those transactions weren’t marked as 10b5, which means they weren’t scheduled sales, ”says a note from CNBC.

These days, Musk, considered the richest person on the planet, has been criticized for his almost zero contribution to helping people in the world who have nothing to eat.

According to the United Nations World Food Program, a one-time donation of $ 6 billion from the richest people would help save 42 million people from starvation.

Musk responded that he would make the donation if promised that it would forever solve the problem of global hunger.

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