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Musk wants to build vehicles on Mars “before he dies” | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the great aspirations that space tourism companies have is to ensure the human presence on Mars.

It is a longing that, for now, looks very difficult and distant.

Those behind these companies know that to achieve colonization it is necessary to develop technologies that allow independence from the Earth.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is aware of this need. According Fox BusinessDuring a Tesla shareholders meeting, one of the attendees asked the tycoon when he would start making cars outside of Earth.

“A factory off the planet? I like the way he thinks, ”Musk replied. The executive, however, indicated that the installation of a plant on Mars was unlikely in the near future, although he indicated that he would like “to see one before he dies.”

“I do not know what we will have in about 40 years,” adds Musk and says that if a factory like this could be built on the neighboring planet before he passes away, it would be something “great”.

It should be remembered that part of Musk’s plans to colonize Mars include the construction of a self-sufficient city that is capable of housing one million inhabitants by the year 2050.

Those who are the first to be part of this colony would reach the Red Planet in the Starship spacecraft, SpaceX’s reusable vehicle.

In addition to this company and Blue Origin, by Jeff Bezos, in recent times other companies have appeared that promote space tourism. One of the most prominent is Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which aims to carry out manned suborbital travel.

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