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Mutuactivos boosts its pension area with new products for companies and individuals

Give a boost to the business of retirement savings products figure among the objectives current business of Mutual assets. The Mutua Madrileña manager wants to grow in this business area in the coming years, mainly in the second pillar, focused on employment plans aimed at companies. To this end, the manager is designing a new range of life cycle products, which will gradually adapt the investments according to the passage of time and the years that the participants have left until their retirement.

Specific, Mutuactivos will launch its Fondomutua Empresas PP plan before the end of the year, a joint promotion plan aimed at all types of companies, whatever their size. Despite the doubts that the recent pension reform may have raised, at Mutuactivos they consider that they have the capacities to present a truly differential value proposition to companies and groups.

In fact, the manager already manages a total volume of over 9,200 million euros through investment funds, pension plans and savings insurance. Its efficient management has been recognized by several institutions in recent years. In the area of ​​pensions, for example, Fondomutua Bolsa Europea PP has been recognized as the best European equity pension plan in the latest edition of the Morningstar Awards 2021 Spain.

Bet on the life cycle

The new pension plans for companies prepared by Mutuactivos Pensiones will be managed under the life cycle investment policy. Ricardo González Arranz, general director of Mutuactivos Pensiones, assures that the portfolios will be managed taking the age of the participant as the main factor and not a fixed and stable investment policy. “We want to make it easy for companies to plan retirement savings,” says González Arranz.

In the field of individual investors, for their part, Mutuactivos has expanded its range of products with its new Generation plans. Depending on when the investor was born, he proposes to invest in the Generation 60s PP, Generation 70s PP and Generation 80s PP plans.

As in the field of companies, These three plans will be managed following the life cycle investment policy, in which the asset portfolio is modified over time, with the aim of offering the participant the best return-risk combination at each stage of their savings.

For investors born in the 1960s (1960-1970) Mutuactivos offers the Generación 60s PP pension plan. In this case, investors will foreseeably retire between 2025 and 2035. Since the participants will be close to their retirement age, the plan will have a high percentage of fixed income in its portfolio (around 75%). more conservative option, with a risk level 3 on a scale of 1 to 7.

For investors born in the 70s (1970-1979), Mutuactivos has designed Generación 70s PP, with a more balanced portfolio of assets that will have 50-50 fixed income and variable income. This plan presents a level 4 risk on a scale of 1 to 7.

Finally, for those born in the 80s (those who were born between 1980 and 1989) and whose retirement date will be between 2045 and 2055 Mutuactivos has prepared Generación 80s PP. It is the most dynamic option that is born with a higher level of risk, rated with a level of 5 on a scale of 1 to 7. The plan starts with an investment of around 75 percent in equities and around 25 percent, in fixed income. In this case, managers will try to take full advantage of the long-term potential of equities.

Ricardo González Arranz ensures that the new life cycle products (both for individuals and companies) are simple, accessible to anyone and aimed at meeting the needs of customers, according to their age and the risk that it is advisable to assume, depending on how close or far you are from your retirement age.

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