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MWC 2022: metaverse and innovation take center stage | Digital Trends Spanish

The current edition of the MWC is almost coming to an end. We have had the opportunity to be at this event that had been on hiatus since 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Two aspects have caught our attention about this MWC 2022. The first is that despite the fact that all the bets were quite pessimistic, the event was held with normality and enthusiasm by the participants, as well as with almost 60 percent of the attendees who attended in 2019.

On the other hand, MWC was always the most important mobile technology event in the world (since CES and IFA are more focused on consumer electronics), but this year the phones have lost a lot of prominence.

It is true that we have seen launches by POCO (Xiaomi), Honor, Realme and ZTE, but these are very residual things if we take into account that years ago the fair was the quintessential appointment to discover flagship phones from brands like Samsung .

Instead we have seen a lot of things related to the metaverse, the Internet of Everything (IoE), innovation and connectivity.

The metaverse even in the soup

The operator Telefónica has completely immersed itself in the metaverse world during MWC with the presentation of its own virtual stand on a real scale. Thanks to this, the attendees (or rather their avatars) have been able to tour the operator’s space without leaving their home.

In addition, the company announced at the event its first collaboration with Meta to jointly expand and explore “new ways to drive connectivity and technological innovation in the metaverse field.”

The Korean company SK Telecom has also brought its new Ifland metaverse platform to the MWC. From it, anyone who passed by their stand could access (here from the fair) various virtual spaces with their corresponding fully customizable avatars.

other realities

Although the subject of augmented and mixed reality is not something new, the subject of the metaverse is accelerating its development even more, which is why this has been another of the star topics of the fair.

At the Qualcomm stand, which manufactures the processors that we find in the vast majority of headsets on the market today, we were able to see all the devices of this type in which the company is involved.

Oppo has also shown its Air Glass assisted reality mount unveiled late last year. Although it is not an augmented reality viewer as such, this device fits to the temple of our glasses or lenses as if it were a monocle to project information in front of our eyes.

The company also showed its augmented reality glasses, the Oppo AR Glass presented in its second edition of Oppo Inno Day.

The Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Everything

Another topic that has been crowned in this current edition of the Mobile World Congress is the Internet of Everything (IoE). This concept is the evolution of the internet of things that we have been talking about for years.

The concept goes one step further and not only connects different devices, but is also capable of connecting machines with people. For this, it uses the personal data generated by users in order to improve the functioning of the devices. It also relies on artificial intelligence for machines to process this data and offer solutions to users.

Do not miss the robots

Until now, robots were not the main protagonists at the MWC, this was something that was reserved for CES in Las Vegas. However, this year we have been able to see a few. On the one hand we had Xiaomi who showed us her robot dog, Cyberdog.

This device has a much lower cost than Spot, the robot dog from Boston Dynamics (which we had the opportunity to meet a few months ago in person) and who also walked through the MWC 2022.

We also found a robot waiter who was not only capable of responding to simple orders such as “give me a coffee” but also knows how to prepare elaborate cocktails with the same mastery that a specialized barman would.

Of course, all these robots work through 5G connectivity, another of the great themes of the fair and that thanks to its low latency allows them to work quickly and accurately.

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