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MX Keys Mini, Logitech’s minimalist keyboard | Digital Trends Spanish

Logitech wants to offer an alternative to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but one that is not exclusive to Mac. Therefore, they present their new MX Keys Mini, a very small and minimalist peripheral ideal for those looking to save space on their desks.

The MX Keys Mini is based on Logitech’s MX Keys, but now without the side numeric keypad. The backlighting is activated automatically as soon as your fingers rest on the keys and deactivates when you remove them. Logitech says the MX Keys Mini can last up to 10 days with the lighting on and up to five months if the lights are turned off.

The keyboard comes in three colors (black, gray and pink) and several versions that will depend on the equipment that you want to use; One has shared buttons for specific operating system functions (the Start button for Windows or the Start button for option on Mac), but there is also another one only for Mac that does not have the figure of the start button and is also only gray.

Among other curiosities, the MX Keys Mini has a specific button for emojis and also another to activate or deactivate the microphone, which can be very useful in this era of remote work where meetings are perhaps much more frequent than before.

The MX Keys Mini is compatible with Windows and Mac, but can also be used on Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and even Linux. Its price is $ 99 dollars and is available on the Logitech site.

Of course, it is not a mechanical keyboard; If you are looking for the special sensitivity of these devices when typing, you will have to look for other alternatives.

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