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My Figus: the collaborative map to find out where Qatar 2022 Panini figures are sold | Digital Trends Spanish

madness for him World Cup Qatar 2022 Panini album has reached unsuspected levels in Argentina, since the difficulty in finding figurines has even led to government meetings between executives of the Italian brand and owners of kiosks in the country afflicted by not having envelopes.

Fans travel kilometers in various cities in the country to find a place with stock and data is passed on social networks and messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

Thinking about that, it is that two young programmers devised a web app misfigus.ar that allows you to know where they sell figs and in a few hours it will become a Tinder that will allow you to match and exchange figurines. The novel idea is Augustine Bruno Y Ramiro Guzmán, the brother of former Economy Minister Martín Guzmán.

Agustín told the site BAE Business: «We got together because we couldn’t, we toured the entire city of La Plata where we live and nothing. It’s crazy that people have to go through kiosksservice stations and supermarkets and find nothing. Yesterday at the YPF station of 1 and 63 there were three blocks in line. We came up with this idea to help everyone get figurines.”

The collaborative map does not require any application:

«The idea is that the community feeds on information and that each one can say where they got it and where there is no more and before there was. The platform takes you through a map where it was once sold and is being sold right now. The information can be uploaded by users or by the owners of the premises for free. When the store is green it is because it sells and if it is red it is because it does not have any. The community took a lot of it. We took it out on Friday and more than 20,000 people have already used the page, “said Bruno.

They began with a map of eight Argentine provinces/towns: Córdoba, Mendoza, Rosario, La Plata, CABA, northern zone, Pinamar and Chacabuco. Y they say they will reach 15 provinces/localitieswill add: San Luis, San Juan, Lanús, south zone, west zone, Paraná and Santa Fe.

«Any person without the need for any user can enter and look at the information. If you want to add info, you have to enter and create an account, if you go to the kiosk on the corner and they sell it, you can add it. If they don’t have them, but they were selling, you can leave a note saying when they will have them. The idea is that when I get it I can exchange in the application and look for a person who has the one you need and exchanges the repeated ones », maintain its creators.

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