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My poop floats: should I worry?

We may occasionally notice that our stools do not go down the toilet drain once we press the button of the cistern and the water slides in all its intensity through the walls of the cup. It may even be that this is what happens to us normally and we have to press the button several times.

If so, in principle we should be calm, since most of the time the causes are temporary and are hardly serious. In a small percentage of cases, if the phenomenon is accompanied by other symptoms, it is advisable to consult a digestive doctor.

Why happens?

The feces usually have a dense composition of organic matter, fungi, bacteria, viruses and various intestinal parasites that we expel. In the matter predominate waste high in protein and insoluble fiberie long chain heavy polysaccharides. These compounds make the feces weigh more than the volume of water they dislodge, so they sink.

Now there is two unexpected components in stool that if they occur, they can cause them to float. The first are gases derived from fermentation and the second are fats. Both are less dense compounds than water and therefore reduce the density of the stool.

And both are produced by a situation of digestive abnormalitynot always serious. In the case of air, it mixes with the food bolus in the stomach, which then passes to the intestine where it loses water but not the gas, which is trapped inside. This fact tells us about one of the first possible causes.

It can also happen that the bolus acquires the gas in the intestine, when it is transformed into the fecal package, through the partial fermentations carried out in it by the bacteria and fungi of the intestinal flora. In this case, we can consider another cause.

In a third case the problem may be that the intestine does not absorb nutrients well and thus does not allow the exit of the gases that are given by the fermentations, with which the stools come out swollen and not very compact.

And, in a last assumption, the feces can float because they have a high component of fats in their structure, which are less dense than water; This is the case that should concern us the most.

What the floating poops hide

In the first assumptions, those that the feces have acquired gas in the stomach or intestine, the causes behind can be:

  • A diet too high in fiberor a recent change to a more fibrous diet.
  • Stress that causes gastrointestinal dysfunctions in the flora due to excessive inflammatory reactions.
  • A Gastrointestinal infection that alters the flora or the digestive processes of the stomach.
  • A Alimentary intolerance that wakes up the autoimmune system and alters the digestive processes.
  • A more serious case may be irritable bowel syndrome, a permanent autoimmune problem.
  • They can also cause floating stools typical inflammatory processes of the intestine such as Crohn’s disease.

Most of these cases, except for the last two, low gravity. However, if the problem persists, it is advisable to go to a doctor to discover the possible causes and put an end to them, since a bad lifestyle, too many worries, mild intolerance to gluten, to milk protein may be behind it. , etc. Even a Helicobacter pylori infection.

In case the reason is an excess of fats in the fecal packetthe causes can be more serious if their low density is constant, that is to say that it is normal for them to float, and especially if they are accompanied by other symptoms such as very bad-smelling stools, reddish clay color, frequent nausea or abdominal pain.

In case the feces leave oily traces and present on the porcelainas well as drops, and also the stool floats, we must consider problems of malabsorption and digestion of fats at the level of the gallbladder and pancreas.

This may be due to transient problems or due to:

In all these cases, it is advisable to contact a digestive system specialist without delay.

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