Monday, May 29

Mystery solved: China reveals what is the mysterious cube that appeared “out of nowhere” in the photographs of its lunar mission

Mystery solved. The Chinese space mission, which reported in December that it had detected a strange cube that came “out of nowhere” on the horizon of several photographs taken by the Yutu 2 spacecraft, has just revealed what we all suspected then, that it is no more than a stone that the lack of definition and the imagination of the researchers turned it into a ‘mysterious cabin’, as the Asian scientists baptized it at the time.

In December 2021, the Chinese mission detected the strange object in one of the routine photos Yutu 2 took of the lunar surface. In the image, which is not very sharp because it is enlarged several times, a small cubic elevation of the terrain was observed that aroused the interest of scientists, not because they thought that it could be a construction of artificial origin, but because it could continue to provide them with useful information about the hidden side of the Moon and the meteorite impacts that this unknown area has experienced over the centuries. The name ‘mystery hut’ was just a joke by the Asians, who seem quite inclined to add a touch of humor to their work.

However, despite the fact that they expected it to be just a rock formation, what they found when they brought the Yutu 2 closer to the mysterious cube also disappointed them, because it was of a simple small rock, much smaller than they imagined. Even so, they still hope to find useful data in the crater behind the stone.

Photograph from last December of the ‘mystery cabin’.

“The ‘mystery cabin’ turned out to be very small when the vehicle approached, and the drivers could not help but feel a little disappointed,” explain those responsible for the project in the public newspaper of the mission.

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Despite this, Chinese scientists seem to remain very willing to give free rein to their imagination while exploring the far side of the Moon, because now they have decided that no, that up close it does not have the shape of a cabin, but yes of a jade rabbit.

Photograph from last December

Close-up photograph of the ‘mystery cabin’.

“When we were all disappointed, one of the drivers stared at the enlarged image, covered his mouth and exclaimed: My God! This is… a jade rabbit! A realistic rabbit appeared in full view of everyone. The scattered stones in front of him resembled a carrot, and the round stone beads behind resembled food scraps. It is the scene of a rabbit about to eat. The image is very funny and made people laugh,” says the mission newspaper.

Image | Agent 1994