Tuesday, December 7

Myths and realities of a Black Friday that this year comes with curves (Podcast Clear the X # 164)

We are on Black Friday, and with the avalanche of offers that arrive everywhere, it can be difficult to decide whether or not the products that manufacturers offer us are really a bargain.

There are ways to verify if these offers are real or not, and in this episode of our podcast we wanted to take the opportunity to explain how to do it. Not only that: We also talk about the origins of this festival of consumerism, and we recommend some products that (really) are great if you were looking for offers.

To talk about all this we have today in ‘Clear the X’ a Jose Garcia (@josedextro), editor in Engadget, already a server, Javier Pastor (@javipas), editor at Engadget. The production is as always in charge of Saints Ara├║jo (@santiaraujo).

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Un Black Friday diferente

How was Black Friday born? The theories are varied and there is no single officially accepted origin, but many place its origins in the 1950s in Philadelphia. The day after Thanksgiving there became one of crowds and large traffic jams to prepare the Christmas shopping, and that phenomenon gradually became a tradition.

In fact, the Black Friday fever took a long time to spread, and in Spain we have only been infected since 2012. The thing started timidly, but in recent times Black Friday is actually a commercial macro event that lasts for several days and that extends to physical and online businesses.

That makes it difficult to detect offers and know if someone is taking advantage of Black Friday to make their particular August. There is everything, but especially in online purchases there are ways to verify that it is indeed a bargain. Extensions for the browser and platforms like CamelCamelCamel are a valuable aid when making these purchases.

The pandemic did not have a special impact on Black Friday 2020, but things have changed in a 2021 in which we have seen ourselves plagued by chip shortages and supply chain problems.

The product offer is good, but it is undoubtedly harmed by that shortage of chips that means that there are not too many guarantees on the stock or shipping times: if we were thinking of buying something, you need to be more forward-looking (and quick) than ever.

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