Thursday, October 28

Nacho Cano projects an Aztec pyramid with theater and macroparking in Hortaleza

The project of the singer and businessman Nacho Cano comes to light on the land donated by the Madrid City Council in the Hortaleza neighborhood. As published by the neighborhood newspaper in the neighborhood, the former member of Mecano intends to build a construction in the shape of an Aztec pyramid 30 meters high.

Nacho Cano and the PP of Madrid, a relationship that transcends Ayuso

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The one that will be called “Malinche Theater”, with capacity for 1,326 people and a surface area of ​​5,000 meters, will cost 8 million euros, although the sum amounts to 11.4 million for the entire complex, which will include a macroparking of 1,000 meters and 400 plazas.

Now the company that has presented the project is waiting for the building license from the City Council, which will receive 454,000 euros per year for the occupation of 19,500 square meters.

This plot was already granted by the council governed by PP and Ciudadanos in 2002 to businessman José Luis Moreno for another project – the Coliseum of the Three Cultures – that was never built. After the arrest of the ventriloquist in June for fraud and money laundering and the debt in the municipal coffers, the singer was yielded.

In July, the councilor for Citizens and president of the district, Alberto Serrano, declared for the Hortaleza newspaper and Radio Enlace that the land would be used for “a large private musical project.” However, today the mayor, during the plenary session of the neighborhood, has confessed to having met with the singer at his house, as well as with his lawyers and architects. In a video published by charges of Más Madrid, Serrano briefly recounted what they exposed him, emphasizing that they assured him that the former member of Mecano “comes to Hortaleza to lose money.” In addition, he ends by clarifying that the content of the project, as it is drawn, sounds “a little strange” to him.

The transfer of the space was confirmed at the end of last month by the Martínez-Almeida municipal government, which provoked criticism from the opposition for not taking the plot out to “public tender.” Nacho Cano has a close relationship with the administrations governed by the PP and Citizens, as could be seen during an act to award the May 2 medal to the singer, when he made a plea praising Isabel Díaz Ayuso, calling her “brave” and giving her back The medal. The Madrid president even traveled to Ibiza this summer with the artist.