Monday, October 18

Nacho Cano: “That land was laughed at and the next Penelope Cruz could come out of my musical”

The musician Nacho Cano has accused Más Madrid of orchestrating a campaign against him for the cultural project that he is going to set up on a plot in Hortaleza. “It is a field that has never been used. So, what is the issue here? What is attacking me because I have supported Ayuso? Actually, that is the question,” he said in an interview with Europa Press.

The small print of the Government of Almeida and Nacho Cano: a hired plot in advantageous conditions for the artist

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The site, which is located in Hortaleza, has 19,500 square meters and in it you will be able to project your show for the next four years. The conditions have been advantageous for the artist: the City Council has awarded it to him without a competition, as could verify, and it has also exempted him from paying the rent during the nine months that the assembly of the theater lasts. Nor will you have to pay the price of 2,500 meters of the total of those that make up the future complex: it is 13% of the land. Cano affirms that it will go to green areas.

More Madrid sees shadows of corruption in an operation made to measure for the musician, with decades of good relations with the PP of Madrid, who defends that from his theater “the next Penelope Cruz or Inma Cuesta can come out” and that he says that with him will create “165 direct and 500 indirect jobs”: “I pay the City Council one million euros from the start for the citizens of Madrid, where is the problem?”

Nacho Cano has defended that the campaign “is orchestrated by Más Madrid, especially by Mónica García.” Thus, he added that he would love to invite her “to an essay to write about the work and effort that is done, to see how difficult it is to write a song and how easy it is to write a tweet and knock down a project.” “He is going to love it since almost all of them are from the left, because until I came, the artists could only be from the left in this country,” he said next.

“The message that is being sent is not this, the message that is being sent is: gentlemen of culture and artists, do not get out of the habitual thought that looks at what is happening to Nacho Cano”, has influenced the musician, who has insisted that if the objective is to “attack Ayuso” using him for his support of the regional president “they should think twice.”

“How can I not support Ayuso if he has kept the theaters open?” he wanted to make it clear by defending himself against criticism. He has also ensured that although Ayuso belonged to Podemos, he would also have supported her if she had opened the theaters.

He also thanked the president of the Community of Madrid for her work to “preserve the essence of the region” during the pandemic.

Cano made his admiration for Ayuso clear on May 2, when after being awarded the Grand Cross of May 2, he assured that the one who deserved it was the president of the Community for being “brave” and “opening the theaters.”