Saturday, September 30

Nails case: a beautician from Tenerife refuses to give a boy a manicure because it “collides” with his beliefs

The networks have turned in the last few hours to send messages of support to Claudio, the young man from Tenerife who wanted to get his nails done and was rejected by a manicurist on the island for being a man. “Nails have no gender,” shared an outraged tweeter.

The story was made known thanks to the renowned artist and defender of LGTBI + rights Alex Mercurio, who shared with all his followers the messages that the young man had with the beautician. The woman, learning that her client was going to be a man, literally wrote to him on WhatsApp: “I hope you are not offended, I treat all people with respect, regardless of their gender or the sexual condition they choose for themselves. , but with much more respect I treat myself, that’s why the fact doing nails to a boy directly clashes with my beliefs and with my conscience, it’s nothing against you personally”. And he ends with a “I hope you understand”.

“Claudio sent me a situation with a girl who does nails, who refused to do them because she was a man. I don’t really know what to think because everyone in his business has the right to do the work they want, but it smells a little like homophobia, ”said Alex Mercurio.

Quickly the story, under the hashtag #CasoNails, It went viral and dozens of men began to share their manicures. “If she is in all her right not to do nails to men because she has her own pisquito of homophobia, because I have every right to publish it and tell her that she is homophobic”, the activist harshly criticized.

The woman, who constantly publishes the results of her work on her social networks, shows that she does treat men, but on their feet. “There is something that escapes me,” Alex Mercurio shared.

Likewise, Claudio’s mother thanked Alex for “giving voice to this type of injustice”, in addition, she informed him that the beautician involved intends to denounce the facts after receiving constant criticism and insults on social networks. “He talks about respect and he has not had it with my son at all. Today he called me telling me that they write to him on Instagram and that he was going to report Claudio for this, ”concludes the mother of the affected person.