Tuesday, November 29

Naohito Takahashi’s Bersek Coming to Netflix in December | Digital Trends Spanish

The fantasy manga will arrive direct from the year 1997 to Netflixsince on December 1 the classic Bersek will be released on the platform, based on the manga by Naohito Takahashi and that comes with its 25 episodes.

Berserk is a noir and rather brutal anime that came about eight years after the manga first appeared in the magazine Young Animal. The series covers the so-called Golden Age Arc, covering the period when Guts joined the Band of the Falcon and met the other main characters, Griffith and Casca. It is considered by some fans to be the best version of the manga, and is said to have inspired or influenced major anime hits such as full metal alchemist Y Attack on Titan.

But new material from Bersek could also arrive, since Netflix took over the rights to the anime, in order to reformulate it in a new generation.

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