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NASA announces how and when the end of the ISS will be | Digital Trends Spanish

NASA published its International Space Station (ISS) Transition Report explaining how and when the historic station will cease to function.

According to the government office, the ISS could be removed from its orbit and sunk in the Pacific Ocean in January 2031.

Thus, NASA’s plan is for the ISS to begin a slow descent and then enter the atmosphere.

The International Space Station (ISS). POT.

Most of the ship should disintegrate in this process and the remains that remain should be precipitated to an enabled area in the Pacific, known as the “pole of inaccessibility”.

According to those in charge of the agency, it is the furthest point from any mainland.

It should be remembered that several experts have already warned of the obsolete technology that the space station has, so many had anticipated an imminent end of its functions.

At the end of last year, the Joe Biden administration promised to extend the work of the ISS until 2030, in collaboration with Japan, Canada, Russia and the European Aerospace Agency.

In recent times, the station had faced several incidents when it was about to hit debris from space, forcing the astronauts to adopt safety protocols.

The ISS was launched into space in 1998 and since then it has functioned as an important space research laboratory, where various experiments have been carried out. The station has also served as a home for astronauts from around the world.

At the moment it is unknown what the historic station will be replaced with.

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