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NASA delays the return of humans to the Moon by 2025 | Digital Trends Spanish

NASA reported that it has had to reschedule the launch of the Artemis III mission so it will not be able to land on the Moon in 2024.

As reported by its administrator Bill Nelson, the mission is delayed, for now, to 2025.

NASA originally wanted the launch to occur in 2028, however former President Donald Trump proposed moving the mission forward four years to 2017.

“The Trump administration’s goal of a human landing in 2024 was not based on technical feasibility,” Nelson explained.

Illustration of the arrival of Artemis III on the Moon. Spacex

According to the director, part of the delay is due to the lawsuit of Blue Origin against the agency, which forced the suspension of the contract with SpaceX for the development of a lunar lander.

Nelson pointed out that the legal mess caused almost seven months of work to be lost on this module, which would serve to get astronauts to the Moon.

“Returning to the Moon as quickly and safely as possible is a priority for the agency. However, with recent demand and other factors, it is likely that the first human landing under Artemis will not be before 2025, ”Nelson said in a statement.

Before returning to the surface of the Moon, NASA will focus on flight tests of the unmanned Artemis I and the Artemis II, a manned mission that will take a trip around the Moon.

“Looking ahead, NASA is planning at least 10 moon landings in the future, and the agency needs significant increases in funding for future lander competition, starting with the 2023 budget,” added Nelson.

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