Monday, November 29

NASA delays the return of man to the Moon: it will not occur until (at least) 2025

In 2017 Donald Trump was put in the face that we had to go back to the moon. The then president of the United States imposed to NASA that managed to send a man to the Moon in 2024.

That plan has now been delayed, and much of the blame is on Blue Origin. Jeff Bezos’ company protested because NASA agreed “to hand” the contract for that lunar mission to SpaceX. Finally NASA has dismissed that protest and will continue with its initial plan, but this decision has forced delay that return of man to the moon until at least 2025.

Blue Origin protest is to blame

Bill Nelson, head of the space agency, explained that “the goal of the Trump administration for human landing in 2024 [en la luna] was not based on its technical feasibility“.

Yes there were rumors that this mission would be delayed, but the ambitious Artemis mission he ended up running into a problem. NASA directly assigned SpaceX the development of a lunar landing system that Musk’s company had budgeted at $ 2.9 billion.

Sin embargo, Blue Origin demanded to NASA and indicated that he had not been given the opportunity to enter the contest. Documents leaked in September revealed that Blue Origin had tried to “cheat”: it proposed to dedicate $ 5.9 billion to the project, but in reality then I wanted to negotiate a lower price.

Finally the North American justice ruled against Blue Origin, but all this legal battle has lasted seven months during which the development of the entire mission has been affected. It remains to be seen if that goal of achieving it by 2025 will actually be met now, given that many elements must be tested before that final mission can be undertaken.

Via | The New York Times

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