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NASA wants you to send your name around the Moon | Digital Trends Spanish

There is still time to make space travel a reality for everyone (not just those with enough purchasing power to pay for it), but NASA has found a way to invite us to be part of its missions.

The space agency has launched a new call for all those interested to submit their name aboard the Orion space capsule. This capsule will orbit the Moon as part of the Artemis I mission.

Those interested in their name reaching the space inside a USB memory only have to access to the NASA site created specifically for it. Once here you just have to enter your full name along with a PIN code. You will then receive a boarding pass with your name and flight details.

You will also receive a QR code that links to another NASA website. From here you can become a virtual guest of launches and important events related to the agency.

We’re getting ready for #Artemis I—and we want to take you with us.

Add your name to the upcoming mission and it will be flown aboard the @NASA_Orion spacecraft as it orbits the Moon:

— NASA Artemis (@NASAArtemis) March 2, 2022

This initiative is similar to the one that NASA launched in November 2018. At that time, people could send their name to Mars with the InSight mission and up to 2 million signed up. In that initiative, the names were not found inside a USB memory, but were recorded on a chip that was later placed on the rover that inspected the red planet.

NASA’s Artemis I mission will begin in April of this year and its goal is to pave the way for manned trips to the Moon, which are expected to begin this decade. In it, in addition to prepared astronauts, there will also be Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. Alexa will be the first technology of its kind to reach space.

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