Friday, September 24

Nasser’s laughs when talking about the Islamic veil in 1958



A video, which has gone viral again, collects a famous anecdote from the Egyptian President Nasser in 1958. The Pan-Arab leader comments before an audience that he has just met with the leader of the Islamist movement Muslim Brothers, which has expressed a series of demands. The first, that it makes it compulsory for women to use the hijab, the islamic veil, when they go out on the street. The audience erupts in laughter.

General Nasser goes on to say that he had commented to the Islamist leader that if he did, they would go back to past times, such as those of Al Hakim Bi Amrilá, which prohibited going outside during the day, and you could only walk at night; and adds that the issue of the veil is a private matter, for the interior of homes. At the insistence of the Islamist that he legislate it, President Nasser replied: “You have a daughter who studies at the School of Medicine and does not wear a veil. If you have not been able to convince a woman, how do you think I will do it with ten million? “

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