Thursday, July 7

National Alliance leader arrested for exalting Hitler

The Civil Guard detained the leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance party, Pedro Pablo Peña, on Tuesday in Madrid for failing to comply with judicial requirements after being denounced for committing hate crimes for exalting Hitler and insulting the Army. After his arrest in the capital, Peña has been transferred to the Civil Guard Command of Tres Cantos, according to sources from the investigation.

As his environment has expressed on social networks, Peña did not receive the judicial notification because he had recently changed his address. After taking a statement, the leader of the National Alliance has been transferred to the Court of Instruction number 4 of Plaza Castilla.

On April 15, the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint against Peña for the “trivialization” that he did through social networks both the Jewish genocide and the exaltation of the figure of Hitler and the political and social regime that he established “well-founded in the superiority of the Aryan race with submission and contempt towards different groups that he considered of inferior race “.

The Public Ministry accuses him of a hate crime and another of insults to the armies and security forces and bodies, the Prosecutor’s Office reported. The complaint is based on numerous publications of an offensive nature towards some groups and expressly praising the Nazi ideology.

On August 27, 2019, as a result of the death of a military man when his plane crashed, the defendant commented on Facebook: “Every day, unfortunately, people die in accidents and the tinny and fascistillas from three to a quarter do not raise the the deceased at the altar of the fatherland “.

And he added: “Let’s see if we find out, Spain unfortunately lacks armies and an honorable people. What they call FAS are dedicated to patrolling the Strait to spot boats and be able to rescue immigrants and thus contribute to the invasion” .

On another occasion, on the occasion of the military parade of the national holiday on October 12, he published the following: “Garbanceros, comeollas, ganapanes, members of the army of Miss Pepis, have pretended to parade – they also pretend they were soldiers- before his commander-in-chief. ”

Likewise, this man made disqualifications and insults to the army and members of the State security forces and bodies with comments such as that they are “traitors who bite the hand of those who feed them.”

The Prosecutor’s Office points out that the defendant recalled events related to Nazi ideology on social media, such as the day when gun in hand Adolf Hitler, along with Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess, entered a Munich brewery (Germany) shouting “the nationalist revolution has begun “, and also ruled on the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The prosecutor points out that after questioning the death of more than six million Jews during World War II, the defendant stated: “We social patriots know that we were born from the defeat of Europe in 1945. We are the resistance and rebellion against that defeat. The true antisystem. ”

In addition, along with a photograph of the armistice after the Second World War, on May 8, 2020 he wrote: “But worse than the occupation is the spiritual destruction of the German nation. The day the wounds heal that spirit will reincarnate in the German nation and raise it from its ashes. ”

Finally, the prosecutor emphasizes that under the title Race and Destiny on August 25, the defendant assured that “nationalism is the only path of the white peoples. A nationalism that has its pillar in the race. Either that or slavery.” .