Wednesday, December 8

National Minimum Wage Commission meets in central provinces

The National Minimum Wage Commission met with representatives of workers and employers from the provinces of Coclé, Veraguas, Herrera and Los Santos, to know your position on the possibility of reviewing the minimum wage in force in the country and the possible impact of this decision on the economic recovery of that region of the country

“We have been able to advance on the scheduled calendar and then we will move to Panama, where we will have the opportunity to listen to the representatives of workers and employers from the provinces of Darién and Colón,” said the Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Doris Zapata, during the second courtesy tour of the National Minimum Wage Commission.

Zapata described this meeting as productive because it was possible to hear the contributions of the workers and employers of these provinces of the Republic of Panama and their concerns regarding the situation in the country, after the pandemic.

Our interest as rectors of the labor relationship, like the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, is to continue promoting dialogue and generating spaces for understanding between the sectors, ”the Minister of Labor pointed out.

The first courtesy tour of the room was held on November 15 in the city of David, where the contributions of the productive sector of the provinces of Bocas del Toro and Chiriquí.

On December 1, one of the ordinary meetings will be held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) where courtesy of the room will be given at Provinces of Darién and Colón.

This is the second revision of the minimum wage established by this government of Panama. At the installation of the first meeting to discuss the basis of the minimum wage, representatives of the worker sector, employer and the authorities of the Mitradel.

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