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NATO affirms after the attack in Kabul that its priority “is to evacuate as quickly as possible”

“Our priority continues to be to evacuate as many people as possible to safety as quickly as possible.” This is what the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has expressed, an institution that has served as an umbrella for two decades of war by the United States and its allies in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks committed by Al Qaeda. The United States decided to leave the country on August 31, and since the Taliban took control of the country in record time on August 15, the countdown to leave the country was unleashed.

The EU begins to negotiate with Pakistan the management of Afghan refugees

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In the last hours, information had circulated of an imminent attack on the Kabul airport, which finally took place this Thursday with the result of at least 13 people killed. After that attack, Stoltenberg said: “I strongly condemn the horrible terrorist attack at the Kabul airport. My thoughts are with all those affected and their loved ones. Our priority continues to be to evacuate as many people as possible to a safe place. as quickly as possible. ” In other words, NATO will continue to rush the hours to evacuate collaborators from the country before the end of August 31.

This Thursday morning, the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander de Croo, had publicly alerted about an imminent terrorist attack according to US information, something that led European governments to have been putting an end to their rescue missions. The last German plane leaving Kabul also took off this Thursday afternoon. France, for its part, was still trying to evacuate “several hundred” people from Afghanistan, according to French President Emmanuel Macron, who has claimed that Paris is doing “its best” to get there, but without guarantee due to the “Extremely tense” security situation at Kabul airport, reports AFP. The French ambassador in Kabul is also preparing to leave the country.

The main European institutions ask “to guarantee the security of the airport”, something that at the moment can basically try the American forces, who leave the country on August 31.

“It is vital to guarantee the security of Kabul airport”, asked the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli: “EU countries must find a way to bring in European citizens and those who feel security threats.” European Council President Charles Michel said: “Very concerned by the news of the Kabul explosion and following the situation closely. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Ensuring safe passage to the airport remains vital. We need to ensure that the current instability cannot lead to a resurgence of terrorism. ”

“I strongly condemn the cowardly and inhumane attacks on Kabul airport,” said the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen: “It is essential to do everything possible to ensure the safety of people at the airport. The international community must work closely together to prevent a resurgence of terrorism in Afghanistan and beyond. ”

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