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NATO, on the entry of Finland and Sweden: “It will show Putin that he achieves the opposite of what he wants”

Finland and Sweden, historic non-NATO aligned countries, are getting closer to the front door. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has accelerated the process of rapprochement with the Atlantic Alliance, to the point that the final decision may be made in the coming weeks. And part of the negotiation with NATO, while the internal political processes in each country are completed, has to do with the security guarantees of the two countries from the moment they present the hypothetical request until it is approved. While the movement has to do with the fear of Russia, Stockholm and Helsinki want guarantees of protection in the period from the presentation of the papers until the accession is accepted.

NATO opens its doors to Sweden and Finland: “If they ask, they would easily enter”

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“First of all, it is up to Finland and Sweden to decide whether or not they will apply to join NATO,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg this Thursday afternoon at an event with young people: “NATO will respect the decision, and that is exactly the opposite of what Russia does, because it tries to threaten countries to do what Russia wants.”

According to Stoltenberg, NATO, with its enlargements, “has been a great success throughout Europe and has helped spread democracy, the rule of law and freedom. When the Cold War ended in 1989, NATO had 16 members in Western Europe and North America. Now we have 30 members, almost double, with Central and Eastern Europe, countries of the former Warsaw Pact”.

“If the conclusion is that they will present the candidacy”, Stoltenberg has said about something that the Nordic media take for granted, which even point out that this request will be made simultaneously, “we will welcome them with open arms because we believe that it will strengthen security Euro-Atlantic. Finland and Sweden are already contributing. We know them well. They are our closest partners. They are strong and mature democracies. We have worked with them for many years. They are members of the EU. So I strongly believe that the accession process can be very fast and will show President Putin that he gets the exact opposite of what he wants.”

The Norwegian, in this sense, abounded: “Putin invaded Ukraine because he wanted less, and what he gets is more NATO. It is the aggressive actions, the threatening rhetoric of Russia that has made so many nations in Europe decide to bet on joining NATO”.

In relation to the security problem between requesting accession and deciding, while Article 5 of collective defense in principle is only between allied members, Stoltenberg adds: “I am sure that we will find ways to guarantee security during that transition period from a potential application to final ratification across the Alliance. And the mere fact that they apply to join and we negotiate a protocol of accession will send a very strong message of commitment. I am talking to Finland and Sweden about how to provide the necessary guarantees in that interim period.”

“I am sure that we will be able to find agreements for that interim period until the formal ratification is finished in all 30 Parliaments, I am confident that there are ways to overcome that time in a good enough and satisfactory way for both Finland and Sweden. When Russia tries to threaten Finland and Sweden not to apply, it only shows that it is not respecting the basic rights of each nation to choose its own path. We are in dialogue with Finland and Sweden. And it is their decision, but if they decide to apply, Finland and Sweden will be very welcome and the process will be fast.”

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