Thursday, September 21

NATO reinforces defense of Eastern Europe with planes and ships

The countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have reinforced the defense capacity of the eastern flank of Europe, sending planes and ships to counteract the accumulation of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, the institution announced on Monday. .

The alliance countries “are putting forces on alert and sending additional warships and warplanes to NATO deployments in Eastern Europe, reinforcing deterrence and defense,” NATO said in a statement.

“NATO will continue to take all necessary measures to protect and defend all allies, including strengthening the eastern part of the alliance,” the head of the military bloc, Jens Stoltenberg, said in the note.

NATO noted that Spain “is sending ships to join NATO naval forces and is considering sending combat aircraft to Bulgaria,” among other initiatives.

“Denmark will send a frigate to the Baltic Sea and deploy four F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania in support of NATO’s aerial surveillance mission in the region,” the military alliance said.

Likewise, he pointed out that France “has expressed its willingness to send troops to Romania under the command of NATO.”

Meanwhile, the Netherlands will send “two F-35 fighter jets to Bulgaria from April to support NATO’s aerial surveillance activities in the region, and will put a ship and ground units on standby for the NATO Response Force.” NATO”.

The main ally, the United States “has also made it clear that it plans to increase its military presence in the eastern part of the alliance,” Stoltenberg said.