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Navarra advances the closing of bars and clubs at 1.00 in the morning

The Government of Navarra has announced this Monday a new package of restrictions for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations, among which is the advance of the closing of bars and nightclubs at 1.00 in the morning. In addition, it asks the Justice to extend the COVID passport to residences for the elderly, gyms and closed sports spaces.

Perimeter closure, curfew and limits in hospitality: restrictions imposed by Navarra with the UCI at high risk

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In line with what was commented last week with the presidents of neighboring communities such as Euskadi, Aragón or La Rioja, the Executive of María Chivite raises a list of measures that fundamentally affect leisure and hospitality, two areas in which according to the responsible for the Department of Health, “the use of the mask and the safety distance are relaxed.” Specifically, the regional order includes the advance of the closure of bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues, including nightclubs, at 1 in the morning. At the same time, in all these places, bar consumption is prohibited, being limited to tables, whose maximum capacity may be ten people with a minimum distance of 70 centimeters between them.

Yes, consumption is allowed at tables with stools that are attached to the bar, which may be a maximum of two people who must be at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

These measures will be in force until at least January 14, so on New Year’s Eve all hotel and nightlife venues will have to lower the blind at one in the morning, just one hour after the chimes.

In addition to leisure and hospitality, the regional order also decrees the closure at 1.00 in the morning of the gastronomic, bajeras and piperos societies and the extension of the COVID passport for the access of people over 12 years of age to nursing homes, hotels , hostels, casinos, gyms, indoor pools and cinemas. This measure, which has already been implemented in restaurants with more than 60 diners and nightclubs, was rejected by the Supreme Court a few days ago for access to centers for the elderly because it was decreed by the Minister of Social Rights instead of Health , which according to the magistrates of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber in his order is the one who must approve it.

In cultural activities, the Government of Navarra indicates in the provincial order that, when the capacity exceeds 1,000 people and 2,000 outdoors, it will be necessary to request, on a mandatory basis, a report from the Navarra Institute of Public and Labor Health.

The announcement of these restrictions, waiting to be authorized by the Supreme Court, responds to the regional government’s attempt to reduce the incidence of the sixth wave, which now exceeds 2,200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest figure in the entire pandemic. While this indicator continues to rise, the percentage of hospital occupancy in the territory has remained stable in the last week. Specifically, the level of occupied beds is close to 8% and that of ICUs stands at 23.7%, which means being at a high risk level, which at other times of the pandemic did lead to the adoption of restrictions severe due to not having started the vaccination.

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