Wednesday, October 27

Navarra announces the return to “normality” and removes all restrictions against COVID-19

After declaring the week the end of the epidemic circulation of COVID-19, this Tuesday the president of Navarra, María Chivite, announced in an emergency appearance the return to “normality” prior to the pandemic with the end of all Restrictions against COVID-19 “except those related to education and sports agreed in the interterritorial Health” and the use of the mask indoors, which will continue to be mandatory. In this way, as of October 1, it will be possible to make use of the dance floors in the discotheques and the bar consumption in all the hospitality establishments and there will be no capacity and schedule limitations. With the accumulated incidence at historical lows and with more than 75% of the population vaccinated with the complete schedule, the head of the Regional Executive has celebrated the entry of Navarra “into a different scenario” without restrictions, although she has made an appeal “to be prudent because the virus will continue to circulate. ”

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“At the end of February of last year we detected the first case of coronavirus, from that day our lives began to change, having to take very hard and complicated measures. We have changed our way of life and we have become accustomed to living with measures such as use of the mask. Exiting the pandemic has been a collective commitment to the enormous response to vaccination, which will have to continue in order to bring them closer to normality prior to the COVID-19 pandemic “, declared the President of Navarra .

From October 1 in the provincial community, the restrictions that the Navarrese Government announced for the first time more than a year ago will cease to be in force, except for the use of the mask, which will continue to be mandatory indoors and the measures agreed in the interterritorial of health. The hospitality industry will regain its pre-pandemic schedule, as well as bar consumption, which has been banned for a year. In turn, the discos will also be able to reopen the dance floors.

Navarra leaves in “recommendation” some measures such as indoor distances (although there is no capacity limitation) or hand hygiene. “It is clear that COVID-19 has come to stay and with it some of these measures that we will have to continue to comply with so that spaces are safe,” Chivite pointed out.

End to the confinement of classrooms in Primary for a positive

In education, Primary classrooms will no longer be confined when a positive case is detected, unless there is a large outbreak. Students will continue to be tested when a case is detected, but unless they are positive, they can continue to attend class. Of course, for the moment the continuous day will be maintained in all educational cycles and it will not be until the end of the year when the Department considers recovering the split schedule, unless it is agreed before with the Ministry and the rest of the communities.

For her part, the Minister of Health, Santos Induráin, has announced the return of presence in all Primary Care.

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