Tuesday, September 28

Navarra puts an end to the curfew and Chivite announces a relaxation of restrictions

Navarra will put an end to the curfew this September 2, 41 days after the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN) authorized the regional order of the Minister of Health in which night mobility was limited between 1:00 and 12:00 6:00 in the morning during weekends, holidays and dates of management holidays in those localities in extreme risk situations with a cumulative incidence of over 250 cases at 14 days. The president of the provincial community, María Chivite, has been in charge of announcing that Thursday will be the last day with this restriction in force in Navarra, since her Government will not ask the judges for a new extension.

In an event held in the recently renovated gardens of the Palacio de Navarra and which has served as a presentation of the new political course that starts this September, Chivite has assessed very positively the evolution of the epidemiological situation in recent weeks, after that at the beginning of the summer Navarra registered an “explosion” of cases initially caused by student trips at the end of the course and which spread rapidly throughout the territory due to the greater contagion of the delta variant, clearly predominant in the provincial community.

“It is a decision consistent with our epidemiological indicators since we have left behind the very high risk threshold,” said María Chivite, who stressed that more than 70% of the Navarrese population is already vaccinated with the complete schedule and that the The provincial community is the one that performs the most diagnostic tests in Spain.

The president has reiterated, however, the need to continue counting on some measures that avoid the risk of contagion and therefore, although the curfew is not going to be extended, it will continue to “work on a de-escalation” of the rest of the measures. The Executive is already working with the different economic and social sectors affected to renew some of the current restrictions that affect schedules and capacity.

As the president has detailed, in a first week the same restrictions contained in the previous provincial order will be maintained, except for the curfew, and in the face of the next “the de-escalation agreed with the sectors and those responsible for Public Health would begin.”

Chivite wanted to highlight “the responsibility of citizenship” to manage to contain the contagion curve and wanted to highlight the role of young people, whom he thanked for having agreed to be the last to be vaccinated. “Together we are managing to get out of this,” he said.


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