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Nazism propagandist Leni Riefenstahl, victim of the “cancellation culture” for Ciudadanos

Liberal Refoundation. With that name, Inés Arrimadas decided to designate the eight people who would be in charge of recompose “the Spanish liberal center” after the electoral disasters of Ciudadanos.

One of the missions of this group of ‘liberals’, coordinated by Begoña Villacís, will be to meet this Sunday in Madrid to “put a foot on the wall” against “the culture of cancellation”. An act for “liberties” that has been announced with a video in which the figure of Leni Riefenstahl, one of the main propagandists of Nazism and a personal friend of Adolf Hitler, appears as a victim of “the inquisitors of yesterday and today ”.

Woody Allen, Picasso, JK Rowling, Chanel, Platón, Luis García Berlanga, Shakespeare, Olivia Newton-John or Luis Tosar are some of the names that Refundación Liberal puts in the same bag as Riefenstahl. Their cases are comparable to the party because “today all these artists are being or would be censored.” Or so they say in the promotional video of the event.

It is in this announcement that they include the German director as an example of cancellation policies. What the ‘liberals’ seem to forget is that their documentary films, such as ‘Triumph des Willens’ (‘Triumph des Willens’, 1934), were a fundamental propaganda tool for the “glorification” of the Nazi party and of Hitler himself. .

“Those with the frown and the accusing finger are not going to like it…”, Villacís wrote on Twitter.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum He calls his documentaries “impressive propaganda films in support of the National Socialist Party.” Although he was never part of the party, Riefenstahl received Nazi support throughout his career.

The differences between Riefenstahl and the Nazi party began with the advent of World War II and “the rapid escalation of violence.” And the Holocaust Memorial Museum recounts: “While she accompanied German troops near Konskie, the filmmaker witnessed the execution of Polish civilians shot in retaliation for a partisan attack on German troops. Apparently Riefenstahl stopped filming that day to make a personal appeal to Hitler against such arbitrary violence. The incident may have planted a seed of doubt in Riefenstahl’s mind, but it did not stop him from filming Hitler’s triumphant parade in Warsaw a few weeks later.

After the war, the filmmaker was arrested and tried by the allied forces. Some judicial processes in which she was acquitted of any responsibility in the crimes committed by Hitler, but in which she was declared a Nazi sympathizer.

Those responsible for Refundación Liberal have explained that the act will serve to “take the initiative” and “propose new policies that protect freedom of expression, that protect artistic freedom, that protect the songs of the present, the past and the future”. “Let no one tell anyone how to do a painting or if a movie deals with this issue one way or another.”

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