Wednesday, August 17

Nearly two-thirds of MoneySavers do most of their shopping online, new MSE poll finds

Our latest poll, which surveyed 4,702 people, ran between 31 August and 7 September 2021 and asked respondents to tell us how much of their shopping they do online, in the shops or if there is a mix of both. While not a representative sample of the UK population, the poll offers a snapshot of where people shop as Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease and life for many slowly returns to’normal’.

Responses vary by age and gender, but 49% of those aged 25 to 34 do most of their shopping online, for example, compared to 17% who do most in store (the rest do roughly half their shopping in store and half online). Meanwhile, 57% of over 80s do most of their shopping online compared to 38% who do most in store (and the rest who do half and half). The 10 tables below detail the overall findings, plus the findings by age and gender.

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