Tuesday, September 28

Needles and wool for the State of the Union speech: two European commissioners weave while Von der Leyen speaks in the European Parliament

Can you weave and pay attention to a State of the Union address in plenary in Strasbourg? The Danish Margrethe Vestager, vice president of the European Commission and the main position of the liberal family in the Community Executive, has taken advantage of Ursula von der Leyen’s speech to knit. Like the Swedish Ylva Johansson, Commissar of the Interior, of the Social Democratic family.

While Von der Leyen announced laws on sexist violence, meeting climate goals, reforming European fiscal rules, betting on European defense and breastfeeding the vaccination campaign and European recovery funds, Vestager and Johansson were keeping busy.

Johansson had already shown his skills on other occasions within the plenary of the European Parliament, but also on his travels. What’s more, he gave his classmates from the commissars’ college a pair of socks a year ago.


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