Saturday, April 1

Neighborhood-by-neighborhood politics

Despite what the unfortunate example of a certain sector of the political class might lead us to believe, politics is the resource that men and women have to improve our lives together.

For this reason, we must not allow those who make it a tool to thrive and use it for their own benefit, expropriate it from us.

The neighborhood is that little piece of the city where we still feel at home. The stage where much of our daily life takes place. Our most frequent tours, our closest interactions.

Despite the many changes that have occurred in recent decades, what happens in our neighborhood continues to be of enormous importance in determining our quality of life.

Más Madrid was born from a municipalist project, with a strong vocation to establish roots in the territory. As a political force that wants to talk about what really matters. And to a large extent, this means focusing on the neighborhood.

This, which some may find naive, has crumbs and strong implications in the way of understanding political activity: the relationship of the political organization with society, of those who participate from the base with those who represent it in the institutions, of ways of communicating with our environment.

Proximity, transparency, permeability, proximity, empathy and listening must preside over the way in which Madrid is more present in the city.

We claim politics, we claim the everyday, the next. We claim neighborhood-by-neighborhood politics. That is why we are dedicating this mandate to listen, discuss and bring proposals from our neighbors in the neighborhoods to the commissions, district plenary sessions and the Cibeles plenary session.

For all this, to the more daily and less visible work of building and guaranteeing our organized presence in each district of Madrid, we are going to add a permanent mobilization: More Madrid Neighborhood by Neighborhood.

In this project that will be developed in the coming year, our active people, our institutional representatives and public officials, and, ultimately, the organization as a whole, visit each of the districts. We will promote a meeting with its neighbors, promoting citizen dialogue, denouncing the problems that we suffer as inhabitants of these neighborhoods and also, of course, we will celebrate the city that we can be and that is already underway.

These activities will be more like a party and an assembly than a rally or classic political event. We are interested in the conversation, not the monologue.

We will share problems and look for solutions. We will enjoy music, dance or theater together. We will live the public space as a good to enjoy together.

We will start in the Fuencarral district, where, to the rhythm of the music, we will walk through La Vaguada and we will talk, precisely, about the use of public space. About what is happening with the cultural spaces in the district, the youth leisure projects, among other things. We will have the opportunity to share these reflections with councilors, deputies, members of the district boards, technicians from the municipal group of Más Madrid, etc.

Weeks later we will go to Puente de Vallecas, where we will talk with the youth of the neighborhood about what is offered to the young people of our city. The reflection around the facilities will be the axis of this meeting. There will be no lack of bases and an open microphone for the freestyler who dare to throw some rhymes.

And so we will tour Madrid neighborhood by neighborhood, accompanying each other and building a city together, contributing ideas and solutions and joining forces so that they can become a reality sooner rather than later.

There is not a minute to lose. A Madrid awaits us at the height of those of us who inhabit it, but it will not come alone, we have to bring it.

There is less and less.