Thursday, January 27

Neither microLED nor 8K: the latest in technology is a television that transmits flavors to us if we suck the screen

We are not kidding at all. An imaginative Japanese professor named Homei Miyashita, who teaches at Meiji University (it is one of the most prestigious in Japan), has devised an amazing television that invites us to suck screen to savor any object that appears in it. It doesn’t matter what it tastes like in the real world; his device is, according to him, capable of emulating it very precisely.

To make this effect possible, it contains ten containers, so that each one stores a liquid whose composition recreates a fundamental flavor (salty, sweet, spicy, bitter, sour, etc.). By mixing the contents of some of these containers with great precision, it is possible to recreate a very wide range of flavors, which, in theory, allows this device to emulate most of the dishes and drinks that we usually consume.

To identify what a particular food, drink or dish tastes like, this researcher uses a battery of sensors, so that the information given to you after carrying out the analysis allows you to determine in what proportion the machine should mix the liquid from the containers that it contains inside to recreate that particular flavor.

Miyashita has thought of everything; also in the hygiene required by the current pandemic

In times of COVID-19 like the ones we have lived in for two years, it does not seem to be a good idea for several people to suck on a screen, but, again, this teacher has had an ingenious idea that has allowed him to solve this challenge successfully: the content of each of the containers that houses a fundamental flavor is applied in the form of an aerosol on a thin film of a transparent material which can retain the mixture of flavors.

Then the machine places this sheet on the screen and … that’s it! Hygiene is no longer a problem. Once a person has sucked on the transparent material that covers the screen it is completely renewed so that another person can taste the same or another flavor without compromising their health. Of course the solution is ingenious, and, above all, it seems perfectly compatible with the most scrupulous people.

Once a person has sucked the transparent material that covers the screen, it is completely renewed so that another person can taste the same or another flavor

In any case, what applications does this peculiar device have? Its creator proposes various usage scenarios different in which it seems to fit quite well. It can be used in a restaurant to test the flavor of a dish before ordering it, to taste in our own home flavors that are being prepared in any other place on the planet, to taste wines and other drinks, to train cooks and sommeliers at a distance. , and even to implement games in which the people who participate have to guess which food the flavor they are tasting belongs to.

Homei Miyashita has taken a year to design and manufacture the first prototype of this machine, but he assures that the commercial version could reach stores with a very reasonable price: 875 dollars (773 euros about). Who knows, we may soon run into her in a European restaurant to help us find the dish we want to enjoy without risking the least. It is even possible that we can have a compact version in our own home. Everything is possible.

Via | Reuters