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Neptune and its rings shine in the sharpest photo of the planet | Digital Trends Spanish

A spectacular view of Neptune and its rings were obtained with infrared shots by the James Webb Space Telescope, together with the European Space Agency (ESA).

These images are the clearest of the icy planet in history, since in 1989, the Voyager 2 space probe managed to send back pictures.

webb too captured seven of the fourteen known moons of Neptune and in the image you can see a very bright point of light with the characteristic diffraction peaks that are seen in many of the telescope images, but it is not a star, but the most unusual moon of the planet, Triton.

Triton has a strange retrograde orbit around Neptunewhich has led astronomers to speculate that this moon was actually a Kuiper Belt object that was gravitationally captured by the planet.

In Webb’s images, thanks to his near-infrared camera, Neptune does not appear blue. In addition, a thin line of brightness is observed surrounding the planet’s equator, which could be a visual signature of the global atmospheric circulation that drives the planet’s winds and storms.

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