Tuesday, May 24

Neptune’s temperature is changing and no one knows why | Digital Trends Spanish

The temperature of Neptune is changing, so at least it is confirmed by an investigation carried out by an international team of astronomers that measured the temperature of this planet for 17 years.

The work was published in the magazine The Planetary Science Journal and evidence that part of Neptune suffered an unexpected drop in its global temperature, followed by a striking warming at its south pole.


“This change was unexpected. Since we have been observing Neptune during its early austral summer, we expected temperatures to slowly get warmer, not cooler,” said Michael Roman, a researcher at the University of Leicester in the UK.

According to scientists, the results of this study reveal that the knowledge that humans had about Neptune was less than we thought and that we still know very little about this planet. “All this indicates that the image we had of its atmosphere and how it changes over time is more complicated than we imagined,” adds the researcher.

The data showed that despite the start of the austral summer, most of Neptune has gradually cooled over the past two decades. Thus, its average temperature fell by 8 degrees between 2003 and 2018.

What was surprising to astronomers was the discovery of warming at the south pole, where temperatures rose rapidly by 11 degrees between 2018 and 2020. While Neptune’s warm polar vortex has been known about for some time, scientists say warming has never been observed before. polar so fast on that planet.

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