Wednesday, January 26

Nestlé announced an investment plan for $ 120 million

“We received this announcement with great satisfaction because it confirms the growth direction of production in Argentina and because it places us at the center of the stage as a destination, both for investment by national and international businessmen. It is an endorsement of the path that we started two years ago, when we set out to recover industrial policy, something that is correct to generate investment, to reactivate production and work in the country ”, assured Kulfas.

The ministry highlighted that this investment adds to the 1,150 announcements that companies made in the last two years, totaling more than US $ 47,342 million. This includes both multinational and local companies, and they were intended for all productive sectors, such as agriculture, industry, energy, software or mining, among others.

The meeting was attended by the president of Nestlé for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, Gian Carlo Aubry; the director of Supply Chain, Guillermo Fazio; and the regional manager of Public Affairs, Leandro Bel.


In recent years, Nestlé has applied an import substitution policy for US $ 3.7 million through the Argen + program, created in 2019 for US $ 3.7 million, promoting the development of new SMEs, SMEs. For 2022 a substitution of US $ 9 million is expected.

As a result of this decision, after 20 years, Nestlé returned to manufacture chocolate bars (Nestlé Maní) in the country, through the development of a co-manufacturer. It also began using caps made in the country for the instant coffee jars (Dolca and Nescafé), among other initiatives.

At the same time, with a large part of its investment projects destined for foreign trade, Nestlé plans to generate exports for more than US $ 100 million for the period 2020-2024 through its lines of pet food (Nestlé Purina), the formulas of baby food (Nido and Nan) and organic powdered milk and A2.

The company has been operating in Argentina for 91 years, has 8 factories and more than 2,200 employees. In 2020 it registered sales of more than $ 40,000 million.