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Netflix Colombia: the most viewed series and movies of the week | Digital Trends Spanish

Netflix has something for all tastes, ages and –of course– geographies. And it is that just as our musical tastes tend to vary from one country to another, we are not always following the same stories in all of Latin America. And although it can be said that there are titles that practically everyone sees (The Squid Game, Red Notice), there are things your neighbor is seeing – and you are not. Look at this list with the most viewed series and movies on Netflix Colombia this week and check how closely you match the taste of the coffee country.

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1. New rich, new poor

After discovering that they were changed at birth, wealthy Andrés and humble Brayan must adapt to their lifestyles and parents. Is this a joke in bad taste, or a real lesson that fate teaches them? Will the new rich man really live a dream? Or is it more of a nightmare? And will he who was rich discover “riches” that he never imagined?


2. Deadly sins

Evaristo Salinas is a successful businessman who has reached old age. He knows that sooner rather than later he will die, but to whom can he leave his fortune? Evaristo fakes his death and forces his relatives to live together in his mansion for a year, all to assess who is truly worth his millions.


3. Pablo Escobar, the patron of evil

What has not been said by now about the most famous drug trafficker in history? This classic series follows the infamous life of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, a boy who started out as a thief and whose almost demonic vision for doing business led him to found a drug trafficking empire that challenged even the most powerful country in the world. He was a true legend in life, and still is almost three decades after his death.


4. I’m ugly Betty: season 1

No, it is not a new series at all, but the ways of the streamin are sometimes mysterious. Meet here the endearing Beatriz Pinzón, an outcast assistant in a major fashion company, as sweet as it is unattractive for the current canon. Like a good soap opera, she falls madly in love with her boss, Don Armando Mendoza. And this is just the beginning.


5. The Squid Game: Season 1

Haven’t you seen yet The Squid Game (Squid Game)? That’s good: stop making the / the “special”, and watch it once and for all. This series in style Battle royale South Korea quietly became one of the most-watched on Netflix the first week after its premiere, according to the CEO of the streaming service, giving audiences another story of average individuals pushed to the limit in a deadly competition full of familiar games and mysteries. strangers at every turn. All competitors want a piece of the competition’s huge prize money, but as the games get more and more deadly, the question is: will anyone survive to take the money?


1. Red Notice

Red Notice It was originally going to be one of the great Universal Pictures movies of 2020, but Universal’s losses are Netflix’s profits. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson heads the film as John Hartley of the FBI. Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot co-headline the film as two of John’s most elusive targets, Nolan Booth and Sarah Black. Regardless of the shared enmity between Nolan and Sarah, they are soon forced to confront John in the heist of their lives. But can the members of this diverse trio trust each other? No. No, they really can’t. And that’s why the movie is so funny.


2. Love Hard

An unlucky Los Angeles girl falls in love with a guy from the East Coast through a dating app. She decides to surprise him for Christmas, but she is surprised when she discovers that she has been scammed. However, as it turns out that the boy she is in love with and she live in the same city, the guy who cheated on her proposes a deal: he will get them a date, but only if she pretends to be his girlfriend during the end-of-year parties. .


3. Army of Thieves

If the name reminds you of something, you are correct. It is a prequel to Army of the Dead –too released this 2021 on Netflix– in which we see a mysterious woman recruiting Dieter, a nondescript banker for her gang. Dieter’s skill? You can open safes using only your keen hearing. Dieter is not a criminal, of course: but the world is distracted by what is happening in Las Vegas and it is the ideal time to tour (and open) the most famous vaults in Europe, become millionaires and, incidentally, give a return to the boring life of Dieter. Matthias Schweighöfer directs and stars in the prequel which has been very well received.


4. Yara

The Lombard town of Brembate di Sopra is shocked by the murder of Yara Gambirasio, a girl barely thirteen years old. In doing her best to bring the murderer to justice, prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri has only a few traces of DNA, but without a database to compare them, they are useless. Anyone else in his case would lower his arms, but the determination of this prosecutor has no limits. Based on a real case


4. 211

It seems to be an ordinary day for a couple of policemen – one of them a veteran – but suddenly they find themselves caught in a confrontation with a gang of ex-mercenaries who have just robbed a bank. In reality, they are the law enforcement officers who are closest to the theft, and they cannot help but respond. Are you ready to take on a professional gang armed to the teeth? At the time, this film was a fiasco for critics and audiences in theaters, but it has been reborn with force in the unpredictable world of streaming.


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