Thursday, October 28

Netflix confirms the second season of Tiger King | Digital Trends Spanish

Tiger king became a phenomenon after its premiere on Netflix in March 2020. The fiction has millions of viewers, who have remained attentive to the story of crime and animal abuse starring Joe Exotic, today in jail.

Although the first season ended, those who starred in this production often make the news. In fact, Exotic was featured in the media when Donald Trump refused to grant him a presidential clemency.

Now, fans of the documentary series will be able to learn more about this story, since Netflix has just confirmed that Tiger king will have a second season.

Not many details are known yet, but it is known that the work will again be handled by directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, while Chris Smith and Fisher Stevens will serve as executive producers.

The second season of the documentary series should arrive this year on the platform of streaming. Carole Baskin, the activist whom Exotic had ordered to be killed, will again participate in it, as well as Jeff Lowe, one of the last owners of the Tiger King Zoo in Oklahoma.

As revealed, the new episodes will also feature Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage, who will be able to record some scenes from the prison where he is serving a sentence.

In this way, Netflix intends to repeat part of the success it had with the launch of the first season. In fact, a company publication states that “Tiger king 2 it will bring more madness and chaos ”.

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