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Netflix format ruins several Seinfeld jokes | Digital Trends Spanish

The new modern televisions do not seem to have a very good relationship with the classic series.

Before the advent of flat screen televisions, the standard for productions was a 4: 3 aspect ratio.

Now, with the arrival of streaming platforms, these classic programs have had to be adapted to the 16: 9 format, which has not always given good results.

The latest drawback has been Seinfeld fans, who were the most celebrated when it became known that the classic comedy series was coming to Netflix.

Now, the long-awaited landing of the production in streaming is a reality, however, its appearance has presented an unexpected problem that has disappointed everyone.

It turns out that the screen format presented by Netflix cuts some parts of the image, so various visual jokes or jokes no longer appear on the screen, which has motivated criticism from viewers.

An example

The problem is that some key comedy jokes have been lost. A user has criticized on Twitter that, in episode 16 of the eighth season, the bump that is part of the chapter simply disappears in the new 16: 9 format.

to emphasize, the titular pothole from the season 8 episode The Pothole is cropped out on Netflix https://t.co/gH4l5V8HfS pic.twitter.com/6G35eZQymW

& mdash; Brandon (spooky version) (@ Thatoneguy64) October 1, 2021

This problem had already occurred when Seinfeld came to Hulu, a platform that, at the moment, is not available in Latin America.

The same problem has also happened with other popular productions such as The Simpson, which also saw some of its most iconic jokes go off-stream when it debuted on Disney Plus in the United States.

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