Tuesday, November 29

Netflix gives you the option to expel people from your accounts | Digital Trends Spanish

A twist is giving Netflix to the option to remove people from our accounts, for that it is giving the option to expel users quickly and easily.

The streaming service is launching «Manage access and Devices,” which allows account owners to remotely sign out of devices they don’t recognize or no longer want to sign in to.

To remove devices from an account, Netflix subscribers can go to their “Account Settings” and find the “Manage Access & Devices” option which displays the users’ most recent devices as well as the type of device (Roku Smart TV, Android phone, etc.), the IP address, and the exact time and date the device last accessed the subscriber’s Netflix account.

Tumisu via Pixabay

After a subscriber selects “Sign Out” on an unknown device, Netflix recommends a password change for added security, but this is not required. In the future, account owners will receive new login notifications via email.

The feature is available, starting today, to all members around the world on the web, iOS devices, and Android devices, Netflix says.

This would also help kicked users have more incentive to create their own account.

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