Sunday, December 4

Netflix is ​​excited about its gamer side and wants to play games in the cloud | Digital Trends Spanish

At the conference organized by the site Techcrunch called Disrupt the streaming giant, Netflix announced that its commitment to video games it will go further as it is looking to get into the cloud business.

The company’s vice president of gaming, Mike Verdu, addressed the issue:

“We are very seriously exploring a cloud gaming offering so we can reach members on TVs and PCs,” Verdu said. “We’re going to approach this the same way we did with mobile, which is start small, be humble, be thoughtful, and then build. But it’s a step we think we need to take to meet members where they are on the devices where they consume Netflix.”

Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Verdú made his announcement on the same day the company revealed that it has 55 more games in development. But it also comes on the heels of Google’s surprising news that it is shutting down its own cloud gaming offering, Stadia.

“We’re not asking you to sign up as a console replacement, so it’s a completely different business model,” he said. “The hope is that over time it becomes this very natural way to play wherever you are.” Verdu also said that Netflix is ​​opening a new game studio in California run by Chacko Sonny, who stepped down from his role as executive producer on Overwatch at Activision Blizzard last year.

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