Tuesday, March 21

Netflix refuses to incorporate Russian propaganda on its platform | Digital Trends Spanish

Netflix is ​​another of the companies that has responded to Russia’s decision to attack the territory of Ukraine. Through a statement, the firm assured that it will not comply with the new Russian audiovisual law and that it would force streaming to incorporate several public channels in order to function in that country.

The new regulations should have come into effect on Tuesday, March 1, and forced Netflix and other entertainment companies to transmit content from media associated with the Kremlin, such as Channel One, the Orthodox Church Channel and the NTV entertainment network.

“Given the current situation, we have no plans to add those channels to our service,” a company spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal.

According to an article in VarietyNetflix was among a number of services added to a register maintained by Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor of content distributors with more than 100,000 subscribers.

For its part, Political Europe noted last week that the streaming service may be forced to air the channels when the law kicks in, citing a report published by The Moscow Times which ensured that this regulation also extended to Netflix.

For now, it is not clear how the company intends to deal with this rigorous Russian legislation once the military intervention in Ukrainian territory ends. In the aftermath of the attack, several tech companies have come under pressure to disclose how they will continue to operate their businesses inside Russia.

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