Monday, May 23

Netflix releases the official trailer for Stranger Things 4 | Digital Trends Spanish

Stranger Things is back. After various inconveniences and delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans of the series are finally preparing to enjoy the long-awaited season four. This new cycle should arrive on Netflix in two parts and the first of them will be released on May 27.

Although not many details about the plot have been revealed so far, the streaming platform has just released the official trailer for the new season, which allows us to learn about some interesting aspects of the story that will be shown and the adventures that the characters will experience. .

The new stage will also serve to answer some questions that were raised at the end of season three, especially around the notorious separation that occurred between two sides: those who stayed in Hawkins and those who left.

The production behind the series has also had to deal with the inevitable growth on the part of the actors, especially considering the time that has passed since the last episode. For the same reason, they are no longer children, which is also related to a darker atmosphere in this new season, which is demonstrated in the trailer that was just released.

Stranger Things becomes more complex, in fact, in an interview offered a few days ago to Deadline, the creators of the program, the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, compared season four with Game of Thrones, and assured that it was just as scattered throughout the number of side stories it featured.

Now we just have to wait until the end of May to resume the story of Stranger Things and see if it looks anything like the successful HBO production that ended in 2019.

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