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Netflix secret codes: make your search for series and movies easier | Digital Trends Spanish

We have all experienced the problem of content overload, damn algorithms! You have an idea of ​​what you want to see, but with so many options available, it is difficult to find what fits 100 percent of your preferences. Yes: the categories are fine, but do you want something more specific?

There is a trick that can help you: Netflix secret codes and the categories you didn’t even know existed.

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Indeed, the platform streaming has assigned codes to each genre and subgenre, and you can manually access the full list of movies or series of each of them, according to What’s On Netflix. To know them, you must write the next url in your browser from Internet: After that, simply change “INSERTNUMBER” to the code corresponding to the genre you want to explore, and you will see all the available options.

Categories range from fairly general (for example, anime, drama, and television series) to extremely specific (such as movies for 5-7 year olds, teen comedies, and werewolf horror movies). Quickly and easily plugged into a browser, they serve as a useful tool for finding exactly what you want to watch, in addition to the Netflix home page and existing navigation options.

Instead of manually entering links, Google Chrome users can install the useful extension FindFlix to easily search for lesser known genres. Those who don’t use Chrome can click below to check out some of our favorite “secret” Netflix codes.

Action and adventure


Children and family

Classic movies


Horror movies



Foreign films



Science fiction and fantasy



TV shows

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