Monday, August 15

Netflix’s production steamroller is still at full capacity: the platform presents titles such as a Spanish version of ‘A ciegas’

Netflix has made public some of its new projects in the coming months. The accent has been placed, as is logical, in the Spanish production, revealing some juicy projects that still do not even have a definitive title, but that they already aim very high, with ambitious distributions and responsible parties. This is the most remarkable thing we have seen in the presentation (we have seen more, of course, but we can not tell everything … we are sorry).

International series

‘The Witcher’ T2: The most anticipated series For the remainder of the year on the platform it has not shown unpublished material today, but there has been talk about how the accent of the new season will be placed especially on the female characters: Yennefer de Vengerberg and Ciri.

‘Vikings: Valhalla’: Also without news, the platform has explained that the series is going to be little less than a who’s who of the real Viking myths, such as William the Conqueror, a British king of Norman origin.

‘Who is Ana?’: The new Shonda Rhimes series (of which we have also seen new images from the second season of ‘The Bridgertons’) arrives in 2022 and raises an interesting enigma around a influence emerged from nowhere. Digital personalities, their dangers and their mysteries, focus this series one hundred percent current.

‘Stranger Things’ T4: Again we have been able to see the teaser of the Creel house. The young protagonists of the series adopt the role of almost juvenile detectives, honoring the promise of the Duffer brothers, creators of the series, that this new season will bring notable differences. with respect to the previous.

International Movies

We have been able to see images and videos, none unpublished, of films already announced. Some of them with a clear intention of becoming Christmas blockbusters, such as ‘Red Alert’ or ‘Do not look up’, and others destined to win the odd accolade in the awards season, such as ‘The power of the dog’ or ‘It was the hand of God’.

Also interesting is ‘The Adam Project’, a kind of ‘Back to the Future’ in which Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds are two versions of the same person at different points in time. It is scheduled for the first half of 2022, but It is curious that the rest are all scheduled to be released in theaters before their arrival on Netflix. What used to be singularity is now a trend for Netflix, and it also makes it powerful competitor in traditional terms.

These are the updated dates of his premieres:

  • ‘Red alert’ – November 12 (in theaters November 5). With Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.
  • ‘The power of the dog’ – December 1 (in cinemas November 19 cinemas). From Jane Campion, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst.
  • ‘It was the hand of God’ – December 15 (in theaters, December 3). Paolo Sorrentino’s vision of Maradona’s youth,
  • ‘Don’t look up’ – December 24 (in theaters, December 3, almost a month before). Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep star in this wacky comedy set against a backdrop of climate change.

Spanish series

‘Welcome to Eden’: With slightly fantastic airs, like a kind of mix of ‘Lost’ and ‘Elite’, this series tells us about an isolated community on an island where fifty people live in a kind of sect. A group of unsuspecting teenagers enter the community, in a story that promises teenage romances and unsolved mysteries.

‘The longest night’: Scheduled for 2022, it puts us in the shoes of a team of specialists who enter a prison to take over one of the most dangerous men in the country. The peculiarity of this frenzied proposal, which clearly drink from the success of ‘La casa de papel‘is that everything happens in one night.

‘Fair – The darkest light’: With a renewed title (we suppose that to distance itself from the editorial phenomenon of Ana Iris Simón). We have seen the first images of this new series that arrives in January and that tells how two teenage sisters who live in a small town discover that their parents are monsters.



‘Up to heaven’: Daniel Calparsolo adapts with the help of Álex de la Iglesia’s regular screenwriter, Jorge Gerricaechevarría, his own film, here converted into a series whose cast is headed by Luis Tosar. The story of a gang of thieves that managed to put the Madrid Police Force in check will continue.

‘The snow girl’: He adapts the famous novel by Javier Castillo and moves his action from the original New York to Malaga and his cavalcade of kings. Milena Smit plays a journalist who investigates the disappearance of a girl.

‘Alma’: Scheduled for 2022, this intriguing series by Sergio G. Sánchez (screenwriter of ‘The Orphanage’ or ‘The Impossible’) tells the story of a girl who suffers a terrible accident that leaves her amnesiac and where all her companions die. Her next step will be to try to uncover the mysteries about herself and the accident with the help of her friends and family.

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Spanish movies

In addition to other future projects already announced, such as the teenage drama ‘Through my window’, the mystery story set in the world of dance ‘The crystal girls’ or the comedy ‘Mother’s love’, Finally, a trio of additional Spanish projects are interesting.

‘Blindly’: Although the Spanish title is still provisional, the reference is clear: Sandra Bullock’s film, which is currently the most watched in Netflix history. Àlex and David Pastor, experts in these struggles (‘Infected’, ‘The last days’), are in charge of retelling how a mysterious force has decimated the world population, pushing everyone who looks at it to kill themselves. They star Mario Casas and Georgina Campbell. Scheduled for 2023.

‘Infiesto’ (working title): Written and directed by Patxi Amezcua, and starring Isak Férriz and Iria del Río. The film starts on the first day of the recent state of alarm in Spain, where two inspectors are called to a small mining town where a missing young woman has appeared who was already considered dead. Detectives unfold the drama against the backdrop of the growing pandemic.

‘Nowhere’ (working title): Directed by Albert Pintó and starring Anna Castillo. In a dystopian near future, a young pregnant woman escapes from a country at war hidden in a container on a freighter. In the middle of the crossing, a violent storm throws the container into the sea and trapped in the metal coffin, it gives birth. Weakened by childbirth, adrift, she must fight to survive.