Monday, August 8

New attacks in Ukraine in full preparations to resume the export of cereals

The Ukrainian military authorities reported this Tuesday new Russian attacks in the Odessa region and the cities of Mykolaiv and Kharkov, after those registered this weekend in points of the Black Sea and in full preparations to unblock grain exports.

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The Southern Operational Command of Ukraine has reported Russian attacks this Tuesday against Odessa and Mykolaiv. In Odessa, they hit private buildings in coastal towns, causing a fire, according to the Army. No victims have been registered at the moment, the Southern Command has said on its Facebook.

The mayor of Mykolaiv, Olexander Senkevich, has denounced a “massive missile attack on southern Ukraine from the Black Sea, including with the use of aviation” that reached the port infrastructure of the Mykolayiv region. Senkevich has said that the Mykolaiv district was attacked by an S-300 air defense system from the Russian-occupied Kherson region of Ukraine.

The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terejov, has reported this Tuesday of a new night bombing of the city, near the border with Russia. According to the mayor on his Telegram channel, the attack reached one of the downtown areas of the city, near civilian buildings, and there is still no information on the possible victims. The governor of the region, Oleg Sinegubov, has said that the attack took place around 5:00 in the morning against civil infrastructure of the Slobid district.

“As a result of the bombing, the roof of the car showroom caught fire. Some more projectiles hit open areas,” the governor wrote on his Telegram channel.

According to preliminary data there are no fatalities, added Sinegubov. The governor has also denounced another attack against the city of Chuguev, in the Kharkov region, which has hit “critical infrastructure”.

Resumption of exports

The kyiv authorities announced this Monday the next resumption of cereal exports by sea, which should foreseeably take place this week, according to them.

The announcement follows the attacks launched on Odessa last Saturday, a day after an agreement was reached between Russia and Ukraine, under the auspices of Turkey and the UN, to unblock Ukrainian grain and alleviate the humanitarian crisis around the world resulting from its scarcity.

According to kyiv, the departure of the first ships from the Black Sea will take place under this agreement, which Russia and Ukraine signed separately. According to his estimates, the reopening of the ports will allow for the monthly export of about three million tons.

Following Saturday’s attacks on the commercial port of Odessa, Ukraine accused Russia of “spitting in the face” of the UN and Turkey, saying Russia would bear “full responsibility” if the deal is broken.

Russia initially denied any responsibility for what happened in the commercial port, although it later specified that there were attacks on military targets. This Tuesday, the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom has said in his daily intelligence report that “there is no indication that these targets were in the place where the missiles hit.”

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