Wednesday, November 29

New blow to the Ibiza businessman accused of environmental crime: they claim 450,000 euros for his landfill

Evaristo Soler Cardona, a businessman from Porroig (Sant Josep, Eivissa) whom the Civil Guard (Seprona) accuses of a crime against the environment for allegedly anchoring posidonia, a marine plant protected by the Posidonia Decree of the Balearic Government -very important in the fight against the climatic emergency-, is the owner of a farm in Cala Tarida (Sant Josep), where the City Council maintains that it has an illegal landfill.

Ecologists denounce that the Ibiza businessman arrested for an alleged environmental crime continues to damage Posidonia

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On said farm, says the Consistory, there are hundreds of vehicles (among them trucks and large-tonnage machinery) and boats in a state of abandonment, tons of hazardous and polluting waste, chemical materials, fuels and remains of construction materials, which suppose, among other things, a risk of fire, in a rustic area located in a particularly wooded area.

The City Council, which wants to dismantle the landfill by judicial means if the owner does not do so voluntarily, has determined, after having requested a budget, that the cost of the work amounts to 450,000 euros, as Diario de Ibiza has advanced and has been able to confirm by municipal sources. Thus, the municipal entity has sent this Friday to the Official State Gazette (BOE), the decree in which 15 working days are given (from its publication in the BOE) for the individual to carry out the cleaning tasks that require . In the event that the owner does not do so, the Consistory will request the court to enter the property to carry out the work in a subsidiary manner, with Soler Cardona charging the total invoice.

The Councilor for the Environment denounced death threats

As the same sources explained to this newspaper, Soler Cardona spent years ignoring the requirements to clean the landfill, which is why the Consistory opened a sanctioning file in May 2021. According to the municipal version, the owner of the farm disobeyed again .

In a meeting agreed by the Councilor for the Environment, Mónica Fernández, a municipal lawyer explained the procedure to be followed in relation to the landfill, but the Porroig businessman refused to collect the notification that opened a disciplinary file, Fernández assured elDiario .es, to go on to threaten both her and the two officials present, according to her version.

“I’ll wait for you with the reinforced shotgun I have”, “I’ll stop by your house, but I’ll go at night”, “I have many Russian mafioso friends and they send corrupt politicians to the mafia”, “Sant Josep has many forests and the undergrowth it is an excellent fuel”, were some of the threats that were collected in the complaint that the Councilor for the Environment presented to the Civil Guard and that ended in a ridiculous sentence for Soler Cardona (a fine of 240 euros, 8 euros for 30 days ).

The City Council fined him 15,000 euros that were not paid by the owner

The situation is not new. The process began in October 2016, when in a joint operation of the Sant Josep Local Police, Civil Guard and Environment agents, four shells from the Civil War were located on the property that were deactivated by the Tedax, as published by Diario de Ibiza, but the landfill continued intact, despite the fact that the alleged administrative infractions were even prior to the date.

In January 2018, after having closed another sanctioning file, the City Council fined the owner 15,000 euros for the same reason: accumulating polluting materials and hazardous waste on land classified as a rustic area. However, the infraction file expired without the owner of the farm paying the financial amounts that the Consistory required, municipal sources reported.

So, after years of complaints, open and closed sanctioning files, allegations by the property owner and files that end up expiring, the Sant Josep Town Hall seems determined to proceed with a final offensive: it sends an order in the form of a notification, to through the BOE, so that the owner is forced to obey the municipal instructions. In case of not doing it within 15 business days from its publication in the BOE, municipal sources explain, judicial authorization will be requested to do so, passing on the owner the invoice of 450,000 euros. If he also refused to pay, the City Council would be forced to seize his assets, say municipal sources.